Cooperation Town in the News

Freedom published an article about the Free Food Larder and our plans for the future. 

New Politics mentioned us in their article about radical municipalism in the UK.

About Cooperation Town

Cooperation Town was initiated by a group of community organisers together with the Ingestre Community Centre in Kentish Town, north London and the Ingestre Road Tenants and Residents Association.

Its aim is to set up a network of self organised, community led food co-ops on housing estates in every town. We want to do this in order to

  • Support opportunities for self organisation on a community level

  • Build resilience through cooperation 

  • Bring people together to share skills, resources and experience

  • Provide affordable food and household products

Local food co-ops are run by members, according to local needs. Members decide collectively on what to buy (and for how much) and are responsible for the day to day running of the co-op.

Cooperation Town co-ops are part of a network and have access to shared resources. They work to scale up the network through training and mutual support.

The co-op model is not new or radical. It is based on the simple idea that organising together makes us stronger and more resilient - and saves us money!

In Europe and across the UK, neighbourhood food co-ops purchase products in large quantities, directly from wholesalers, for a fraction of the price people pay in corner shops. Fruit, veg, meat, dairy, rice and bread, can all be ordered in bulk, then weighed, packaged and sold at cost value in the community.

There are also charities and businesses which provide free food to established groups.

Co-op members have control over their shopping options, access to better quality food for less money (or for free) and an opportunity to collaborate and organise locally with friends and neighbours.

Cooperation Town started in late 2019 and is still in its early stages. But we are confident that by working as a network we can make it happen.​

You can support the project through donating money via PayPal to

"Years of austerity made us all poorer and at the same time the community services we could once offer at the centre, were completely destroyed by the Tories. This affects every aspect of our users’ lives - from poverty wages to bad housing, benefit sanctions to people going hungry. We see local families families struggle, while the rich are getting richer, and we realise that the only way forward is to care for each other."

Michelle Tedore, Community Centre Manager

"No one wants to depend on handouts and food banks, but people are exhausted just trying to survive. Pooling together and collectivising some of our resources - food, childcare, spaces to socialise - mean that local people can save time and money, get to know our neighbours and, hopefully, start self-organising around wider needs. When faced with further cuts and fewer services, we are going to have to be able to count on each other."

Cooperation Kentish Town Co-organiser

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