Cooperation Town is a new project set to establish a series of food co-ops on housing estates and community centres across Britain.

A food co-op (or food club) is a buying group, which gives members access to quality groceries at affordable prices.

The co-op sources food and other household products in bulk and distributes them to its members at cost value - or even for free!

The co-op is owned and organised by its members, who democratically decide what to buy and how to run the project.

It is a non-profit collective, set up to meet members’ needs and is entirely controlled by the people who join it.

Membership will be as low as £1 a week and members will be asked to contribute up to one hour per week to help organise the co-op.

The first food co-op will be set up on the Ingestre Road estate in Kentish Town, north London (more information here).

We are looking to set up food co-ops in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Hackney, Falmouth and Tower Hamlets.

Get in touch if you would like to start a food co-op in your area. 

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